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Graphic Design Pricing

These pricing packages are based on per week orders. Complimentary consultations are 15 minutes. Simply contact us for upgrades at any time.

Types of Graphic Designs

Social Media (Starting at $57)

Your social media outlets play an essential role when communicating with your customers. The way your brand is represented on social media can make a huge difference in getting that next sale and engaging with your target market.

Website Banners (Starting at $47)

If you want your website design to stand out, you need attention grabbing graphics! Whether it’s your Home page, Landing page, or Services page, our team will design banners and images that make your branded website look amazing!

E-book/Lead Magnet Cover (Starting at $57)

Selling digital downloads or info products are a key element in expanding your brand online. Visual communication with covers that are attractive and stand out are a no-brainer. Let’s design a cover your customers will love!

Workbook/Book Cover (Starting at $67)

People always tend to judge a book by its cover. Your customers have to feel as though it’s worth it when they spend money on your product. Our designs are created to make your product look amazing!

Brand Design Projects

Lead Magnet/E-book PDF ($10/page)

One major piece of having your website work for you is lead generation. Having an irresistible lead magnet designed to attract prospects into your funnel is the first step for building a relationship for a future sale. 

Workbook ($12/page)

Create a well designed workbook for your clients or in addition to a book/product that you have for sale. Alignment is key. We will design your eye-catching workbook based on your brand identity and image so that it looks professional and adheres to the desired result.

Presentation Design (starts at $195)

Let the pros handle the preparation for your presentation. By utilizing our exceptional graphic design skills, we will create a presentation that is professional in appearance and in alignment with your brand. Copywriting is available if you need it. 

Brochure Design (starts at $195)

Whether you need a multi-page brochure or a simple one-sheet, it needs to be informative and concise. Your brochure design needs to align with your brand personality and must present your products or services in the most compelling way. Our graphic design and copywriting will help you to increase sales and position you as a leading resource in your industry.

Product/Program Package Design (starts at 295)

Packaging up your product/program to match your expertise is essential for representing your brand. Your packaging must align with your brand image and voice, while showcasing your product well and incorporating just enough creativity to attract a prospect and make them want to dive into to.

Logo Design (starts at $185)

Our graphic design team will dig deep into your business to identify your target market and create a design that will resonate with your market. Our logo development package includes the creation of several options, along with multiple file formats.