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A sense of style will take your brand a long way.


We help you create a polished visual brand with a consistent brand voice and a style that says somthing…


No matter what the package looks like, it’s the first thing people see. Once we get to know who you are and how you want your brand to be perceived, we can create a design that is unmatched with others in your industry.


Creating effective solutions comes from understanding your business and the goals that you want to achieve. We marry business strategy with brand strategy to create a burst of life – the perfect formula that connects the dots so that you stand out in the marketplace.


The impression and imprint that you make in the minds of your ideal market is what holds the character and value of your brand. This is a critical part of the sales process. The defining factors of your brand influences buying behavior, therefore, building a positive image is imperative.

Creativity Makes An Impact.

Quality makes a difference.

We provide web design, video production & other innovative creative design and branding solutions for business professionals.


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What’s missing in your branding? A lot of people don’t know the answer to this question. For that reason, along with other key factors, we take a full dive into your brand make-up to determine how you can best accentuate your branding to get the results you want.


What distinctive identity do you want to create? When it comes to the essence of what your brand stands for and how it becomes recognizable to your ideal market, we focus on 3 components: Consistency, Confidence, and Content. The synergistic effects of these put together will give your brand life.


What is your brand plan? Up until now you’ve probably only thought a business plan would cut it. Not so. The numbers are important, but leveraging your brand to grow your business and increase your revenue is critical in the digital era. It defines your value and the way you do business.

Attractive brands are perceived as being highly valuable, therefore they tend to be more successful.

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Any vision is achievable.

With a great eye for design, the results from Mogul One Media always exceed my expectations. With vivid imagination and creative spirit, I appreciate the attentiveness to each and every project. As a business professional who consistently operates with high demand, I really appreciate the quality of work and rapid turnaround.

Victoria Manns Cherry

CEO, Victorious Radio & Communications

The design complimented the value of my work and captured the essence of who I am as a business owner. Working with Cheryl was a joy, as she was prompt in responding to my questions and business needs, she was affordable and most importantly she provided high quality and value in the work.

Darlene Brown

CEO, Divine Empowerment

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