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At the core of every successful business is an entrepreneur who has invested the necessary time and resources into ensuring that he or she has established a strong foundation from which the business can thrive.

When entrepreneurs focus on core skill development, they can dramatically accelerate their business’ rate of growth and achieve their personal and
professional goals.

This Business Assessment focuses on helping entrepreneurs identify the fundamental business skills they need to develop and discover which resources should be invested to facilitate growth.

This knowledge enables business owners to put strategies into place that will methodically strengthen the business from the inside out to maximize resources and ultimately increase profits.

Designed for entrepreneurs of a service enterprise from start-up to approximately $0.5 million in revenue or a manufacturing enterprise from start-up to approximately $1.5 million in revenue, this Business Assessment gives entrepreneurs critical insight into the current state of their business.

This assessment reveals those key business elements that still need to be developed to ensure that the foundation of the business is strong and ready to grow.

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